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Top Digital Trends in Education Industry

Education used to be different. It seems like yesterday we had to go to the library and read tons of paper books to write an essay or do our homework. There were no other ways than to use paper books in the classroom. We had to bring the whole backpack filled with them.

Times change. Today we can’t imagine our life without technology and Internet. There is no need to use paper books anymore. There are eBooks available online anytime you need to read one, either just for fun or for your studies. Also, there is no need to bring a heavy backpack to the classroom. You can bring a laptop and type the information you need or download a textbook and read it during the class, if necessary.

Going digital” these days applies not only to technologies, online business, or science but also to modern education. This is a bit surprising because usually, education is one of the last industries to change drastically. However, we can see the innovation in educational technology. And it’s obvious that there are specific digital trends in the education industry, which are becoming quite popular. Let’s check them out!


Using gamification in education is a huge step up. Students don’t like to listen to boring lectures. In fact, the information presented in these lectures might be extremely interesting, but most of the students consider it boring. The reason for it is the way most lectures are delivered. That’s where gamification method can be used.

If teachers present their lesson materials in a form of a game, students will enjoy it! As a matter of fact, students love games. Game elements during the class enable students to use what they learned in practice and solve problems in the real-time environment mode. What we get from it is knowledge practice, memory improvement, and amazing student engagement in the classroom.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are not fully applied in education yet. Nevertheless, these trends have great potential!

Using VR and AR in education will increase students’ attention, collaboration with teachers and each other, as well as their interactivity level.

The examples of using VR and AR can be:

  • Choosing individual learning settings;

  • Studying historical events by virtually traveling to ancient locations (like ancient Egypt or Greece, etc.);

  • Communicating and interacting with group mates and teachers via VR.

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is a rather revolutionizing trend in education. We use smartphones every day. And we have access to the Internet on mobile devices. This gives us the ability to learn anytime from any place.

Students can Google any information when it comes to studying. Mobile devices also allow us to download books, educational podcasts and tons of other information we need to use for educational reasons.

Set of Classroom Devices

Devices can come in handy when we speak about modern education. It’s true that technology helps students to learn. So, it’s a great idea to encourage students to bring laptops instead of a bunch of books to the classroom.

Colleges and schools that want to progress can also buy devices to use. For instance, iPads can be given to each student to study some information and then discuss it in groups. They can also do tests online on these iPads. That’s innovative and interesting. Unusual and trendy devices in education will make positive changes for sure.

Personalized Learning

When we speak about personalized learning trend in education we mean “blended learning”. Blended learning is a mix of online and offline learning. The great benefit of such trend is that this system allows each student to study at his own pace. Thus, you don’t even need to pay for dissertation anymore, as personalized learning will give you a chance to take your own time for studying and writing papers you need.

Basically, each student has a chance to learn part of the new material in the classroom and another part online at home. This mix will give great results. And progress will be shown by each and every student individually. That’s why it’s personalized because the teacher can give individual feedbacks.

In Conclusion

Modern education is moving to the next level. This is definitely a good thing. Digital trends presented here are what students need in order to become great experts and start their adult lives in the new and progressive environment.